About The Recording Studio


The Studio:

At Spirithouse we specialize in capturing the vintage warm analog sounds of the 70’s without giving up any of the advantages that modern recording technology provides.  Spirithouse features an MCI 536 console that defined the sound of some of the best records ever made like ACDC’s Back In Black as well as records from The Stones, Bob Marley, The Eagles, Elton John, James Brown, U2, J Geils and Aerosmith.  SpiritHouse has taken this classic MCI 500 series console and paired it with a two inch 24 track analog MTR 90 (You won’t find a 24 track deck in better shape anywhere on the planet!) and Studer mix down decks with John French recapped heads to capture the warmth and vintage quality that bands are now demanding for their projects. Spirithouse then locks that all up with a state of the art Pro Tools rig with the finest high-end Apogee convertors to preserve that beautiful analog sound once it’s captured.


Located in a secluded spot in Northampton, MA, Spirithouse Recording Studio offers a perfect mix of country and city.  The Studio is hidden away on 14 private acres yet only 2 miles from downtown Northampton, home to over 95 restaurants and several great live venues including the Iron Horse Music Hall as well as The Pines and Calvin Theaters. Northampton is perfectly situated only 1.5 hours from Boston and 2.5 hours from New York City.

Spirithouse has a spacious, acoustically stunning control room and four isolation booths ranging in size with good site lines between.  We have an extensive collection of gear including high-end microphones from Telefunken, Neumann, RCA and Royer and vintage recording equipment from Neve, Telefunken, API, Avalon, Urie, Studer and more. Spirithouse has a long list of keyboards including a beautiful Hammond B3 and several funky older Hammond organs, a Yamaha C3 grand piano, a 1956 blond Wurlitzer, a Fender Rhodes as well as many digital keyboard options.  We are running a Pro-Tools HD system with Apogee converters and as of August, 2009 we’re running version 8.   We’re always adding new gear and updates to the room so this list isn’t always up to date.  When you're not working in the studio, there’s a full modern kitchen and dining area, sleeping accommodations, a home theater, in-ground pool, hot tub, exercise room and many other amenities to help you relax. This studio is designed for comfort and creative flow.

5:1/ Mix to Pics: Spirithouse Recording Studio is fully set up for Surround Sound Mixing to picture for 5:1 DVD projects, live concert mixing and film sound tracks.

Danny Bernini- Head Engineer/ Producer- Spirithouse Studios:  Danny Bernini started "Spirit House Productions" in 1995, after leaving The Hit Factory NYC, his diverse discography includes artists ranging from Acoustic Junction, Martin Sexton, NRBQ, and Spookie Daly Pride to James Blunt, The Fray, Blondie, and Notorious B.I.G. For most of the past 20 years, Danny's home base for producing and engineering records has been the famed Longview Farm Recording Studios in North Brookfield MA, where he started out as an engineering intern in 1987. He now works out of Spirithouse Recording Studio in Northampton MA .