Recording Studio Equipment





MCI 536 Analog console.  (Vintage 1975)


 MTR 90 (Mk3)  24 track analog tape deck

Studer A80 1/4Mix Down Deck

Pro Tools HD Rig.  24 channels of Apogee Convertors

Lynx Hilo stereo mix down convertor

Masterlink hard disk recorder


Outboard Mic Pres and Eq’s:

 1 channel of Neve 1073

1 channel Neve 1073LB 

2 channels of vintage Telefunken V72 tube microphone pre amps

4 channels Purple Biz microphone pre amps

2 channels Purple Tav eq’s

4 channels Aphex vintage eq’s

1 channel of Avalon tube microphone pre amp/compressor / EQ


Surround Sound System:

 1 Blue bass management surround sound system. 5.1 surround mixing



 2 Urie black face 1176

2 Urie LA3A

2 Purple MC77

2 Empherical Labs Distressors

SSL quad compressor

1 DBX 160

2 DBX 160X

DBX 900 rack

Summit TLM 100



 pair of pro ac studio 100’s

pair of yamaha NS10’s

pair of powered KRK V88’s

pair of vintage big reds

5 Mackie HR824 powered for surround mixing

1 Mackie sub woofer



 2x Mohavi custom hand made tube mics, by David Royer

2x RCA 77 Ribbon Mics

1x RCA 44 Ribbon Mic

2x AEA R84 Ribbon Mics

1x AEA N22 Ribbon Mic

2x Electrovoice RE:20

1x AKG D12 (Original 1970s version)

1x telefunken elam M260 tube mic

1 x Neumann TLM 103 condenser mic

2 x Neumann KM 84 condenser mics

2 x ATM 4050 condenser mics

2 x ATM 4033 condenser mics

5 x Shure SM 57s dynamic mics

3 x Sennheiser 604 dynamic mics

3 x Sennheiser 421 dynamic mics

1 x Sennheiser 441 dynamic mic

2 x Buyer M160 Ribbon mics

2 x Rode NT1 condenser mics

2 x MXL condenser mics

1 x Coles Ribbon mic



 Studio speakers powered by vintage Yamaha 2100 & 2200’s

1 x Fender Tremolux Tube Amp

1 x Fender Deluxe 1070’s

1 x Sovtek Mig 60 (tube)

Mesa Boogie Mark 5 head

1 x Jet City 100 wt head.

2 different type Mesa Boogie 2x12 cabs

1x Jet City 4x12 cab

Mackie 16 channel vocal PA with 15” monitors

Other Outboard:

1x PSA programmable Sans Amp

1 x Line 6 Bass Pod

Muse Receptor: loaded with vintage keyboard plugz and drum sounds

Boss Organ leslie interface - (Re-amp instruments through leslie 122)

Dynacord CLS 222 Leslie simulator. 


Other Instruments:

Mellotron M400 (Original vintage mellotron)

Polymoog 203a (One of the earliest moogs made)

Arp String Ensemble. (The string sound from dream weaver)

Many Electric and acoustic guitars, from Fender, Gibson, etc

Yamaha C3 grand piano

Hammond B3 organ with leslie

1958 blonde Wurlitzer

Wurlitzer electric piano Black

Rhodes Suitcase

Kurzweil PC 88 piano

Rolland V70 keyboard

GeneralMusic Equinox keyboard

Oxygyn 8 midi controller

Moog Fatty

Turbo Kat Drum Kat controller